Conditions of Participation (Competition)

Participation in the competition is organised by Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH, is free of charge and is based exclusively on these terms and conditions.

Participation in the competition is independent of the voting and is subject to different terms and conditions. The terms of participation for the vote can be found here.

1) Duration of the competition
The competition begins at 16:00 CEST on 17/01/2022 and finishes at 23:59 on 27/02/2022 CET. Within this period, users will have the opportunity to enter the competition online.

2) Eligibility
Eligible to enter are natural persons who have their main residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and have attained the age of 18. Employees, authorised representatives, legal successors and agents of the organiser as well as all advertising agencies and event companies participating in the planning and running of the competition are excluded from participation.

3) Participation
Participation in the competition is free of charge.
Participation is only possible within the period stated above. Votes cast after the closing date will not be entered in the competition. The participant confirms that the e-mail address he/she has given is correct and exclusively accessible to him/her. To enter the competition, a participant must supply a valid e-mail address. After inputting the e-mail address for the first time, the participant will receive a confirmation link which he/she should then click to activate. Only then will the participant be entered in the competition.

4) Exclusion from participation
The organiser reserves the right to exclude other persons from participation over and above the category defined in Clause 2 if due cause can be shown. Due cause would particularly apply if it turns out that a participant contravenes the prohibition on multiple participation (see Clause 4) or otherwise breaches the terms of participation. Persons who obstruct or interfere with the orderly conduct of the competition, e.g. by manipulating or attempting to manipulate the competition or relevant web pages and/or breach the rules of participation and/or unfairly attempt to influence the outcome of the competition, in particular by hacking the software or by threatening/harassing the organiser or other participants, will also be excluded from participation. We expressly reserve the right to apply further sanctions and take further measures, e.g. pursuing a civil suit or laying criminal charges.

5) How the winner will be picked, notified and presented with the prize
The following prizes are to be won:

  • HARDI-wooden toy model
  • HOLMER Terra Variant 600 eco model
  • John Deere 9620RX 1:16 model by Bruder
  • John Deere 7310R-1:32 model
  • John Deere 6250R- 1:32 model
  • Lintrac-Farm-Set small
  • Lintrac-Farm-Set large
  • Pöttinger JUMBO 1:16 model by Bruder
  • Massey Ferguson + Pöttinger JUMBO 1:50 model by Siku
  • AEROSEM 3002 ADD 1:32 model by ROS
  • Pöttinger JUMBO 1:87 model by Wiking
  • Versatile Delta Track 610DT (1:64 model)
  • RSM F 1403 1:32 model

The winner will be picked after the close of entry. His/her e-mail address will be picked at random from among all those who have entered the competition which is being run in connection with Agritechnica. The winner will be informed promptly via a separate e-mail sent to the address we have on record. He/she will be asked to submit his/her personal details (name & address). The prize will be delivered only to the named person. It will not be possible for the winner to either exchange the prize for a different model, or to collect it in person, or to claim the cash equivalent. Any additional costs incurred in claiming the prize are to be borne by the winner. If the winner does not respond within two weeks of receiving notification (followed up by a reminder), the prize may be allocated to another participant. The new winner will then be picked on the same random basis.

6) Termination of the competition
The organiser expressly reserves the right to terminate the competition without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular to any reasons that would disrupt or prevent the orderly conduct of the competition.

7) Data protection
The winner agrees to the publication of his/her name and place of residence as well as a photo of him/herself in the advertising media used by the organiser. This includes the announcement of the winner on the website of the operator and its social media platforms. A participant may revoke this declaration of consent at any time. The revocation must be sent in writing to the following address:

Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH
(Munich office)
Lothstrasse 29
80797 Munich

After consent has been withdrawn, the personal data of the participant collected and stored by us will be deleted immediately.

8) Applicable law
Queries or complaints in connection with this public vote should be directed to Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH. This competition is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Recourse to the courts is excluded.

9) Safeguarding clause
If any provision of these conditions of participation is shown to be unenforceable either in part or in its entirety, the general validity of the conditions of participation will not be affected. In place of the unenforceable provision, a legally permissible provision which comes closest to the meaning and purpose expressed in the unenforceable provision shall become applicable. The same applies in the event of a loophole in these conditions of participation being identified.