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EVO 290 mit Wechseltrenngerät „ChangeSep“ 

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The EVO 290 evolves the SE principle that has been tried and tested for years - screening, herb separation and height conveying in one operation. Impressive performance meets profitable efficiency in the two-row, trailed potato harvester.  

The new “ChangeSep” separating device now enables tool-free switching between two active separating devices for tuber-like admixtures in a harvesting machine for the first time. This makes it possible to easily and quickly adapt the rubber finger band separating devices, which are designed as rotating scrapers or deflector rollers, to changing soil and operating conditions as well as different harvesting methods (direct, divided or enriched). This saves an enormous amount of (reconstruction) time and creates the conditions for optimizing the area performance without sacrificing gentle treatment of the tubers. With this changeable separator “ChangeSep”, two existing systems were combined in one machine. 

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