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Horsch Leeb Xeric 14 FS 

horsch leeb xeric 14 fs nbsp

The 14 m³ fertilizer pressure tank of the Horsch Leeb Xeric 14 FS has a hydraulic lid and can therefore be quickly refilled. A lot of development work goes into the dosing concept. Every curve and bend in a hose creates wear and reduces air pressure and precision. That's why metering screws guide the fertilizer from the tank into a central, high-level metering box with weighing cells. This works for all granulated fertilizers - there are different snails depending on the consistency. 

The fertilizer falls from the dosing box via pipes onto the baffle plates with just one deflection. They are attached at a distance of 1.5 m on the 36 to 48 m wide pole. The 3 m sections can be switched off automatically. The machine has variable quantity control as well as the possibility of adjusting the application rate when cornering, which ensures precise fertilizer application. The distance to the ground is around 1.5 m. The BoomControl technology, known from plant protection, is intended to keep the boom steady, even at driving speeds. 

Not only the boom, but also the chassis comes from crop protection: Horsch Leeb uses the tandem axle chassis of the Leeb 12 TD crop protection sprayer. The active steering of both axles with a steering angle of up to 28° enables true tracking and large-diameter tires. 

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