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Horsch Pronto 7 DC 

horsch pronto 7 dc nbsp

In the new generation of the Horsch Pronto 7 DC disc seed drill, a new frame concept reduces the weight and thus the reconsolidation of the soil. The Pronto 7 DC works with the TurboDisc seed coulter and the new small parallelogram seed coulter, ParaDisc, which is only available for this model and is intended to maintain the seeding depth as best as possible on very heavy and stony soils thanks to the inertia of the parallelogram and the higher coulter pressure. The simultaneous placement of seeds and fertilizer or two different types of seeds is made possible by the G&F double tank system. The components are dosed separately and transported together into the seed coulter via the distribution tower. Further technical features are planned for this machine: such as a double tank variant PPF and a half-side shutdown, RowControl for the PPF system (single row shutdown, freely adjustable row spacing) and the ParaDisc Pro seed coulter with catch roller. 

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