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Köckerling Bio Allrounder 700

kockerling bio allrounder 700

The tillage specialist Köckerling describes the all-rounder -classic- as an organic all-rounder if it is equipped without a trailing roller but with a two-row following harrow. The organic all-rounder is mainly used in organic farming. Conventional farms often use the machine in some areas to reduce or replace chemical weed control. In order to be able to maintain the working depth exactly, the organic all-rounder is equipped with four large support wheels, which are attached behind the last row of tines. There are Hercules tines behind the wheels, which are integrated into the depth adjustment. This means the machine can also work very flat. The main focus of the organic all-rounder is of course on the entire surface cultivation and the accurate removal of weeds. 
The robust Hercules tines are mounted on a total of 4 rows and have a line spacing of 15 cm. Equipped with 22 cm wide goosefoot shares, the machine reaches a secured section of the plants across the entire working width. So that the plants are freed from adhering soil in the root area and the plant remains are then pulled to the surface to dry out, the double harrow plays the main role here. He combs the plant remains out of the ground and leaves them on the surface. Particularly convenient: The double harrow is hydraulically adjustable and its aggressiveness can be infinitely changed. Even when the working depth changes, the following harrow constantly maintains the set aggressiveness. 

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