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Krone ZX mit OptiGrass

krone zx mit optigrass

In the future, Krone will equip the ZX loader wagon with loading volumes from 43 to 59 m³ with OptiGrass cutterbar. The new core unit with an 88 cm integral rotor achieves a cutting length of 37 or 28 mm and ensures consistent distribution of the crop over the entire cutting width. It uses 40 or 54 knives. With the new SplitCut system, the forage on the outside of the rotor edge is not fed uncut into the loading chamber, but is conveyed forward again and into the center of the rotor with the aid of scraper tines. This is intended to significantly reduce the overlengths that occur in the loader wagon as a result of the system.  

The SpeedSharp sharpening system sharpens the knives within five minutes. A new drive concept is also said to transmit 10 percent more power on the ZX. The standard PowerLoad automatic loading system ensures better discharge and compaction of the forage in the loading chamber. 

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