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Poettinger Jumbo 8000

poettinger jumbo 8000

With the new Jumbo 8000 silage trailer, Pöttinger wants to be on a par with the forage harvesters. Particularly when harvesting grass, throughput and chop length play an important role in getting good forage into the silo. The wagon's drive train can withstand a maximum power of 3,500 Nm. According to Pöttinger, this should enable throughput rates above a self-propelled forage harvester. Pöttinger is also installing 65 knives in the new Jumbo 8000. This allows a theoretical chop length of 25 mm to be achieved. And despite the 30 percent shorter chop length, the rotor only requires 15 percent more power. This is made possible by an automatic loading system that uses four sensors to monitor the loading process. This measures the pre-compaction above the rotor and automatically controls the scraper floor without causing structural damage to the forage. The loading quantity is also said to increase by 10 percent due to the shorter cutting length. In addition, the knives can be sharpened automatically despite the small knife spacing of 25 mm. 

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