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Kuhn FC 13460 RA

kuhn fc 13460 ra

The FC 13460 mows at 13.40 m and belts bring the forage together into a swath. The swath can be 1.80 m to 3.00 m wide and is intended for the direct intake of the forage by a forage harvester. The mower also offers a wide storage area. The swath belts can be raised for this purpose. A special feature is the flexible swath placement. The axles are controlled and make the mega mower more maneuverable. To date, Kuhn has had the FC 9330 D-RA with a working width of 9.3 m as the widest disc mower and tedder with swath merging in its range. With a working width of around 13 m and a conditioner, the new giant mower makes Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) – i.e. cultivation with permanent lanes – possible. 

The FC 13460 towed mower has a telescopic axle. If it moves apart in the field, the wide swath fits between the wheels. This should dry evenly due to its large width and be picked up better by the forage harvester. In addition, the larger track width is intended to improve the stability of the machine on headlands and on slopes. 

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